Linda Rasch

Part 2: Reading Assignment

The Soul of Money is an acclaimed pathway to personal and financial freedom.

Through an experience of sufficiency, appreciation, enoughness, we align our relationship with money and our relationship with life.  This empowers us in unimaginable ways.

Finding a new freedom, truth, and joy in our relationship with money

Awakening and using the unexamined portal of our relationship with money to deliver a widespread transformation in all aspects of our life

PART 1: Love, Lies, and a Great Awakening

Chapter 1

Key takeaways: 

Largely unconscious and unexamined relationships with money shape our experience of life and our deepest feelings about ourselves and others

Most people feel economic concern — even fear — that we will never have enough or be able to keep enough of it

Money is the most universally motivating, mischievous, maligned, and misunderstood part of contemporary life

Money has only the power we assign to it (and we give it immense power) — It’s become the single most controlling force in our lives 

Money has become a playing field where we measure our competence and worth as a people

We accept money as not only a measure of economic value but also as a way of assigning impotence and worth to everyone and everything in the world. 

Money has been used as an instrument of control or punishment, emotional escape or manipulation, or as a replacement for love. 

In cultures without “money”, reciprocity was the social currency — it’s understood that everyone shared with everyone else and everyone took care of everyone else. Everyone is taken care of! 

Our most universal soulful commitments and core values is the well-being of the people we love, ourselves, and the world in which we live

What I see about my relationship with money in this chapter

I can use money to serve my highest purpose

My behavior with and around money can be congruent with my most deeply held values, commitments, and ideals — my “soul”

In the “absence” of it, I can share what I have with others and take care of others — in alignment with my values

I have an opportunity to use the power of money clearly & consistently to serve my highest goals — eg like the Achuar — to protect the rainforest and manage its resources to support a sustainable future for themselves and all of life

How what I’ve discovered in this chapter that can potentially be applied to my fame and monetization

I am able to make choices in alignment with my soul — and use my fame and money to create value, monetize value, and serve humanity

I can and must align with my deepest held values, commitments and ideals 

I can begin to see the resources I am earning as resources that can be directed toward others, and allocate money to people, programs, and projects that build a better life for all people.

I can and must take a stand for my values, purposely turning my resources (time, energy, money) toward my longing to make a difference 

By beginning to align my money decisions with these deeper core values and highest commitments, I will experience a dramatic shift in not only what I do with money but how I feel about it, my life, and myself  {this is INTEGRITY}{intention and integrity, aligned}

Connecting my generosity and commitment 

No tug of war between my money interests and the calling of my soul. In the domain of the soul, I act with integrity — thoughtful, generous, allowing, courageous, committed. 

Bringing love and money together, joyfully, cooperatively, collaboratively in service of my soul’s purpose. 

I create value * I monetize value * And I serve humanity

PART 2: Scarcity and Sufficiency: The Search for Prosperity

Chapter 3

Key takeaways 

Alchuar are an ancient dream culture — dreams are central to the way they perceive the world and where they get their wisdom and information; they are considered a critical part of their way of being {I relate to this with regard to how I get my information, when I paint — it feels like a way of dreaming awake}

Chapter 8

“…When we give our energy to a different dream, the world is transformed. To create a new world, we must create a new dream.”  ~John Perkins, The World is as You Dream It


every way I can think of to make money right now that I could potentially do. Explain in detail what it would take to execute each idea step by step. Include what help you would need as well as the resources you would need to implement the idea. These offers should align with your brand –ME. (You should have a minimum of 5 possibilities that are mostly active income production, meaning you are investing your time in exchange for income.)

> Answer them with YOU in mind. 

> Then re-answer them with YOUR OFFER in mind. 

(If you have many offers then answer the questions for EACH OFFER)

This will take a lot of time and effort. 

It will be worth it for building my Wealth and Impact.

I GET TO go much deeper into these ideas, to connect to what feels inspiring, powerful and is impactful — (beyond immediate “what I *could* do” (based on what I’ve done before) ++


Every way I can think of to make money RIGHT NOW – with ME in mind

I create value * I monetize value * And I serve humanity {Wealth and Impact program mantra}


COMMISSIONS – ENERGETIC COMMISSIONS for a certain type of person

Backdrop, emanations

Languaging is VERY important


Energetic portraits

ACTION: Iterate and put on post its…

Create my irresistible ____ my irresistible intromercials 

We Divine In — [Do with you  OR Do FOR you]

LEGEND: My FIRST answers  l  Re-answers” w/ME in mind l  Re-answers w/MY OFFER in mind 

Pick one area under that, to start…

I AM MY OFFER AND MY BRAND… eg Oprah, Linda Rasch

I am the visionary leader of my movement

Linda Rasch is the BRAND, the BRAND UMBRELLA 

{it’s me; whose brand essence is…}

It is expressed primarily through and K and related offers 

MAIN PORTAL; it’s the vehicle through which all my offers come through  

Through the K portal, they can engage with me, learn from and with me, play with me, hire me and my business partner’s awesomeness

            Offers include: (see above)

evoking the messages — giving vision and voice to the mission and purpose (a unique differentiator– it’s specific to evoking the message — whether for myself or others, my artwork speaks for itself).

LindaRaschArt — is all about my personal artistry

LINDARASCHARTS — — all about creativity, self expression, and art. (The art of ____) Underneath are multiple art offers, potentially — including:

Creative Arts

Communication arts -(how to communicate your “art” — what is it, the value, the difference it makes, your vision → includes identity-level  [the art of communication]

Expressive Arts [the art of expression]

Healing Arts  – Healing Art [the art of healing]

{is there a label for “impact arts?” 🙂 /

My three-legged (four-legged) stool

Passion and Purpose

Creativity and Self-Expression

Food and Farming

Creative  arts is really how you express yourself creatively (typically covers Expressive arts — often used with poetry, acting, culinary  — all housed under) –

Within KAWAI is a creative arts community. {Your expression is welcome here.}

Blog for visionaries about how to think about their purpose, themselves

How to position, think about this



List the money making activities, investments, or opportunities that you can implement to provide you a minimum of 3 passive income streams (passive meaning you don’t have to work or labor personally to generate the income.):

CODE: My FIRST answers  l  Re-answers” w/ME in mind l  Re-answers w/MY OFFER in mind 


{could begin building on Patreon and migrate over to my proprietary platform}



share what doing: “I am starting to recognize I can’t do it all myself… so I am reaching out to my community to help push the boulder over the mountaintop.”)

LEVEL 1 – intention: create community through accessible membership, 


What you get: image of the day with the message of the day



What you get: all the benefits of level 1 + image, message of the day, and an audio



What you get: all the benefits of level 1&2 + hand painted journal by Linda

1 vision commission a year…


Benefits:all the benefits of level 1&2&3 +

Receive Linda’s book 


{a la the Inspired Leaders community or leading there}

Sell original artwork I have already created 





others TBD. 


Get a good quality photo – scan – vendor: Graphic Systems

or SLR setup, do myself

Create artist statement/bio (the WHY-way) 

I am open to learning of other production companies/methods– particularly eco friendly. (Ask the Wealth and Impact community for input/recommendations)

Allow them to fulfill

Make art assets available 

On pay for or on subscription basis (K)

(*Could create brand extension)

Linda Rasch exclusive

Linda Rasch couture

Linda Rasch digital 


“Limited Edition” – limited number of prints, greater investment

“Open Edition” – unlimited edition, lower cost (start here?)

Giclee scans or prints (selling to collectors) — 

BOOK  – physical art book, ebook lead magnet 

Platforms to consider: blurb, book baby 



Feature client stories and their art

Share about my process, about me, “what my art told me” stories

Invitation to receive “more” > COMMUNITY > COMMISSIONS > COACHING 

Could be a bonus for K


“VISION DECK” “oracle” or “talisman” 

Image + channeled message

Art-ifacts delivered through channels such as Fine Art America; Le’ Galleriste

Print on demand through blurb, other POD channels


Vision prompts

Be an affiliate

Ridgely affiliate. 


What is the integrated opportunity? Encompassing community subscriptions service(s) / coaching and consulting / art-ifacts / direct sales 

Pick only ONE OFFER that you will use to complete the Wealth and Impact Bootcamp assignments with. You could be the offer as a brand, one of your services, missions or products could be the focus. 

YOU could be the offer as a brand — One of your missions


Linda Rasch : I am the offer, as a brand

The Vision

The Mission: Art to Heal the Earth

K – a hub, your portal to [creative services], a community, subscription

Morning Painting – product / practice

Vision Commission — service


(eg Jester of the Peace — 6 offers underneath)


STUFF to consider:


[Returning you to your essence — your original {art form.}]

Clear. Original.

Part 4: Branding Questions


My FIRST answers  l  Re-answers” w/ME in mind (I am my offer)

What is your philosophy of life? 


In the past:

We’re all here for a reason and we are here to lift one another up on the journey 

Everything happens for a reason even if it doesn’t make sense at the time.

What do you want for your life?

To play and to paint!

To share my love in the world — in the form of art!

To fulfill my purpose in the world: creating and sharing my art. 

To have vibrant health — strong, lean, flexible, glowing. 

To have wealth — financial flow – passive and active, leveraged sources of income. 

To have wealth and impact and to share this abundantly in service to humanity, to help ensure we all “win” and prosper.

What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 1 year? 

(Please be as detailed as possible. Consider your age, what will have happened and include awards, acknowledgments, milestones, money goals, and any conditions of life goals.) 


Stated affirmatively:

I am fulfilling my aim of visibility and prosperity as an artist, and fulfilling my purpose on a daily basis, inspiring myself and others {visionary leaders} to connect to their BIG BOLD VISIONS and bring them to life. {VIBRANT AIM}

I am monetizing my mission in the world, creating wealth ($100,000+ net and more) and impacting 1000+ people. 


I have clear offers, systems and processes in place, a team to ensure smooth operations that help me fulfill on my visions and achieve my organization’s wealth and impact goals. We are having a blast! {VIBRANT TEAM}

I am working with people I love, who love me, doing work we love, and together we are impacting the health of people and the planet — healing the earth. {VIBRANT ALIGNMENT for VIBRANT IMPACT}

I have a new, inspiring, VIBRANT brand that captures the essence of who I am and what I am up to in the world — and most importantly, reflects the stakeholders I seek to serve

I am lean, strong, vibrant, glowing. I am clear minded, focused, and moving on my path with heart with purpose. 

I have founded a community portal [VIBRANT COMMUNITY] — where all my artistic gifts come to play, to be shared, co-created [VIBRANT (CO) CREATION] — which is creating $200,000+ in residual and active income 

I have created a fundraising mechanism to raise money to protect land and preserve land for present and future generational enjoyment. Contributions are flowing, and the land trust is growing.  [VIBRANT CONTRIBUTION]

I have published my book, which is inspiring and impacting 1000s of people

Ideal clients, influencers, and affluential supporters  [VIBRANT SUPPORT]– organizational heads, foundation chairs and boards, donors, benefactors, philanthropists — are drawn to my work, see the tremendous value it brings, and want to be part of it/bring it to their own

organizations/missions/movements. [VIBRANT MOVEMENT] In addition, they spread the word to their peers and the impact is exponentiated. 

Every day is more fun, vibrant, prosperous, impactful than the last. [VIBRANT LIFE]

I have received awards and accolades, endorsements. 

Healing the earth is well underway. [VIBRANT HEALING, VIBRANT IMPACT]

What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 5 years? (Please be as detailed as possible. Consider your age, what will have happened and include awards, acknowledgments, milestones, money goals, and any conditions of life goals.)

Continue on the solid foundation created in year 1. 

…I am fulfilling my purpose creating and sharing my art(s), through multiple channels — active and passive — impacting millions. 

Creating $250,000, $500,000, $1.5M, $5M net in years 2-5. 

As I do, I am helping 1,000s of artists achieve $100,000 annual income +

I’ve helped 10s of thousands of people take take back their health 

I am a highly sought-after creator of intuitive art experiences for affluential (affluent and influential) visionary leaders and organizations

I facilitate their clarity of  purpose, mission and visions 

I bring them to life through BIG BOLD VISION ART 

I blend culture and creativity, people, passion and purpose, and inspired visions that enroll affluencers to become part of their movement. 

The impact is viral in the best possible way, and exponential — affecting the health of people and the planet (as demonstrated by…..)

I have created a land trust to protect and preserve 10,000+ acres of land for future generation

            My enterprise is thriving, growing, sound, and impactful. The roots of its legacy are long. 

I am known as the go-to- for {inspired, visionary art that creates social change. 

My own farm arts center/dwelling, with 10,000 acres for naturalist and artistic has been established — it is a thriving creative center for {farm arts, performing arts, creative arts, culinary arts, environmental arts, social arts, learning arts, healing arts, and more}.   Farmers, social change agents, cooks, artists, visionaries, land use experts, systems leaders, {define define define} are amongst the many progressive participants, advocates and supporters of this work and the movement that is evolving…

The center is known for its innovation, vision, and environmental and artistic impact {clarify this more}  We  regularly receive  awards and accolades, endorsements. 

What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 15 years? (Please be as detailed as possible.)

70 years old

I am known for my work {define in what ways}. It is desirable, and highly sought after.

The foundation laid in years 1-14 have led to positive social change for the earth and all its all its inhabitants. 

This is a thriving social enterprise (b-corp?), contributing to a prosperous livelihood for 1000s of people, all committed to the mission and vision (roughly improving the health of people and the planet : insert visionary statement here as defined)

The philanthropic contributions of this enterprise are continually exponentiated. 

We  regularly receive  awards and accolades, endorsements. 

Linda’s visionary art exquisitely connects to the heart,  evoking passion, meaning, and purpose 

The word I want people to think when they see my face:_____

The world’s leading intuitive artist…

My art is a catalyst for visionary leaders to fulfill their purpose, their mission, their movement

What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 20 years?(Please be as detailed as possible.)

75 years old

Linda’s visionary art continues to exquisitely connect to the heart, evoking passion, meaning, and purpose 

The world’s leading intuitive artist…

My {art} is a catalyst for visionary leaders to fulfill their purpose, their mission, their movement

All of the previous accomplishments have borne new fruit. The arts center is reaching millions of people in person and online. It has continued to keep ahead of the times, blazing trails and contributing to the positive  environmental impact, awareness, practices,  and regeneration {add add add}

What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 25 years?(Please be as detailed as possible.)

80 years old

Linda’s visionary art exquisitely connects to the heart,  evoking passion, meaning, and purpose 

The world’s leading intuitive artist…

My art is a catalyst for visionary leaders to fulfill their purpose, their mission, their movement


What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 30 years?(Please be as detailed as possible.)

85 years old

Linda’s visionary art exquisitely connects to the heart,  evoking passion, meaning, and purpose 

The world’s leading intuitive artist…


What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 35 years?(Please be as detailed as possible.)

90 years old

Linda’s visionary art exquisitely connects to the heart,  evoking passion, meaning, and purpose 

The world’s leading intuitive artist…


What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 40 years?(Please be as detailed as possible.)

95 years old

Linda’s visionary art exquisitely connects to the heart,  evoking passion, meaning, and purpose 

The world’s leading intuitive artist…


What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 45 years?(Please be as detailed as possible.)

100 years old

Linda’s visionary art exquisitely connects to the heart,  evoking passion, meaning, and purpose 

The world’s leading intuitive artist…


What do you want to accomplish in life within the next 50 years?(Please be as detailed as possible.)

What do you want to be known for? 

105 years old

Linda’s visionary art exquisitely connects to the heart,  evoking passion, meaning, and purpose 

The world’s leading intuitive artist…


What are you passionate about?

> passion and purpose, creativity and self expression (art, Painting, painting intuitively) 

(whole, fresh, organic, local) food and farming

> Being a catalyst for visionary leaders to fulfill their purpose, their mission, their movement. 

I am a passionate stand for true connection…to oneself (one’s heart, one’s heart’s desires, one’s creative purpose, to creativity, to self-expression, to one another, and to the earth)

This passion is love. It’s loving who we are, loving what we’re here to do, who we are being an expression of our heart and our soul. Our spirit.

What drives you?

A desire to live on purpose, to make a difference 

Living a passionate, purposeful, powerful life.

Connecting to something way bigger than myself and doing it in community with other creative, visionary leaders on a mission — where each of us contribute our unique gifts and strengths to make a difference far greater than we could have alone.  It’s thrilling.

Wanting to express my gifts fully, originally — especially my communication + art .

(the whole is greater than the sum of its parts)

Living in love. Doing what I love. Being love.

What are you most talented at?

-Intuitive art. 

-“Coaching/Consulting” – holding space, asking powerful questions that evoke the truth and get to the heart of the matter.

-Helping people see and know their Truth — their REAL truth. – and express it

What do you have the most experience doing?

Communication consulting

Creating art

Coaching, facilitating

Helping people connect to their WHY (10,000+ hours) –their passion/purpose, driving motive for all that they do

Why did you choose your career / niche / topic / market?

CAREER:        Communication Arts 

Career = an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress 

A journey that includes all your jobs, experiences, and training in the same field or career cluster./ 

WHY I chose this: One could say it is by nature. I was born June 9 — a Gemini — under Mercury — a thinker and a communicator by nature. 

I was captivated by the field of Communication — the interdisciplinary approach I was indoctrinated to that was taken from sociology, psychology and anthropology. Rich with the opportunity to make sense of/meake meaning/understand humans and how we connect and make sense of ourselves, one another, as well as the natural world. Loved the Humanities. 

And, if I am honest, also because it presented itself to me as the best option after unsuccessful attempts at other fields of study. I did not get to choose art as my career as I desired. {My mother said “there’s no money in art; study computer science” — but no amount of hanging out in the lab with the computer geeks was going to make me *get* it. And I was only slightly better at the business program!  My brain is just not wired that way.}

Niche:                          {Visionary Art(s)}        

Niche = The unique and differentiated thing that makes me the go-to-brand for {specific audience}

I chose this — or did it choose me? — because later in my career, I returned to creating art — painting, specifically. I found that I was super critical of myself and my work when oil painting “realistic” things — even if it was a landscape I loved and was exceptional at painting — because I kept *thinking* {stuff like  “am I doing it right?”  “is this okay?” “does this *look like* (the thing I was trying to paint)”}. It was somewhat devoid of joy. I needed a way to get out of my head and actually enjoy the process more. So I just began painting by heart, playfully, on a daily basis — with no expectation that it *be* something, in particular. I showed up, I painted, and something awesome, delightful, and surprising always came of it. A psychic told me I should paint at psychic and intuitive fairs and I just couldn’t see that. I couldn’t grok that. “What are you talking about??”  was my response.  I just couldn’t see it — until a number of years went by and I began to notice a trend: that my painting was *telling me things* — it had messages for me. It was literally casting a vision forward, as if from my future self that at the time I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) accept/see. But it became clear it absolutely was telling me pieces of what I needed to know. Prescient. 

So I began painting just as a playful — and spiritual — practice. It delighted me, lifted me up — and delighted and lifted others up, too. 

As I write this, I realize I was ALWAYS seen and celebrated for my art. Someone probably told me my “x” didn’t look like an “X”– but for the most part, my parents always simply allowed me to do this thing I loved — and cultivated it in me by sending me to summer school where I took art, taking classes at the museum, and so forth. I LOVED IT! And I joyfully, playfully, and wholeheartedly painted rocks, driftwood, wooden spoons — anything I could get hands on — every chance I got. 

Back to play as a spiritual practice… I kept painting “just for me” and loved it. Then someone in my world told me I was being “selfish” for keeping it to myself and I needed to “do” something with it. I didn’t like having this imposed on what I loved — but it made a mark on me. 

Then, I began painting with clients — mostly to help THEM get out of their heads and into their hearts (I was getting “sick and tired” of hearing their pitiful stories of being stuck — and even though I had amassed tools that could help them shift with NLP, etc, I needed to shift them in a way that was MUCH EASIER.). They had joy and experienced massive shifts in their confidence, healing of their self-esteem, and recognition of how “enough” they are. Love rekindled. New confidence in what they were doing in the world. The combination of coaching and leading them in intuitive painting did the trick. 

Of course *I* wanted to paint… not just hold space and paint along… 

A friend requested that I create an intuitive painting for her. . Awkwardly, at first, I connected in to Source and painted what came through. To make sure I “hit the mark,” I painted not just one painting for her but three (just in case — to make sure that at least one landed). It was prophetic (My psychic friend was right!). I was amazed.

{insert the image of the 3 paintings and what Carol said it conveyed to her – prescient!}

I began painting for clients as part of my “coaching” — again to help them get out of their heads and into their hearts — and to help ME get out of MY head and into MY heart.  

The next step was to use the painting as part of my process. I discovered a powerful combination of painting, combined with my “proprietary” coaching/consulting process (usually made up in the moment, intuitively, by drawing on decades of communication consulting and coaching/belief change/transformation training). 

People began asking me to paint for them — often saying, when I asked why they wanted me to paint for them, “I want to remember who I am.” (“Who asks an artist to paint for them to remember who they are??” I found myself asking). But happily I took on the assignment — and found my clients CRIED when they received their painting.

The next step combining, again, my business communication consulting (including brand) and the intuitive painting to evoke and paint the {brand} ESSENCE of the client. One client told me she wanted her brand “to be like a piece of fine art, elevated on a pedestal.” I painted her brand essence. She is now reminded each day of who she is, her essence, her values/beliefs/power, and the difference she makes. It’s all in there. {image of Lori’s painting and testimonial}

Now, I am creating a category, I believe — working with visionaries (who are leading/cultivating social change, who have a mission related to improving the health of people and the planet. They may be philathropists, leaders of movements, leaders of social benefit organizations… I am inviting this next level expression of my visionary art to create lasting, sustained, change and leave a legacy — all while creating wealth. 

Topic:              Healing Arts >> Healing the Earth? Vibrant Living

A topic is a particular subject that you discuss, study, or write about.

                        Art to Heal the Earth is the purpose my art told me it is to serve 

Why Healing Art? / WHOLISTIC WELLBEING. At the core,  I always am looking for ways to have a greater impact. I have felt, first-hand,  the suffering that comes from disconnect from onesself (identity, health, passion and purpose). I recognized that we suffer unnecessarily, it doesn’t have to be that way, and that I had to do something about it.  I have discovered ways to connect to the heart of the matter quickly.

Health is at the center; without it we have nothing. Creativity and self-expression is a key aspect of health. It contributes directly to wellbeing, fulfilling our purpose, and having a fulfilling life and legacy.

Market:            The WHO — that is interested in and has the resources — to be confirmed 

[In marketing, the term market refers to the group of consumers or organizations that is interested in the product, has the resources to purchase the product, and is permitted by law and other regulations to acquire the product.]

My heart says that I work with visionaries (who are leading/cultivating social change, who have a mission related to improving the health of people and the planet. They may be philathropists, leaders of movements, leaders of social benefit organizations… [I call them affluencers]

I am inviting this next level expression of my visionary art to create lasting, sustained, change and leave a legacy — all while creating wealth. 


What are your values and belief system?

My core essence I came in with is Love and Truth 

To be a contribution — Being the pure energy of love, power, knowledge or wisdom



Truth / Authenticity












Passion & purpose

Food & farming

self expression 

I believe in order to live a fulfilling life, we must be connected to who we really are, our passion, purpose, our why, our vision for our life, connection to community, and a connection and contribution to something greater than ourselves. We are all in this together. I believe we are all connected and here to lift each other up on the journey. 

How will you share your values to your constituents, fans, and stakeholders?

Through my way of being, my communications/brand identity.

Online and offline communication media features — including galleries, speaking/performing art  engagements, and other social media channels, Live videos — art shows on (platform), 

Who could you have empathy for in the world that you don’t?

Donald Trump and all his colleagues

Those who exploit the earth and people who are less fortunate than they are.

What can people count on you for?

Deep listening, drawing out deeper truth, thoughtfulness, kindness, willingness to help, playfulness, creativity, loving support, honesty, caring, asking powerful questions… being me.

What is your code of conduct? What will you not do? What is the line you will walk up to but not cross?

My code of conduct: be honest, real, true to myself. Speak my truth. Take care of myself and look out for one another.

Honor yourself and others; create win-win-win-win+

What I will not do: I will not knowingly hurt someone

The line I will walk up to but not cross: I will hit or physically hurt someone

What is your promise for people?

I am a STAND for True Connection. 

I will take a stand for you and your deeper truth, your passion, purpose, and mission. 

{I will evoke your  truest values, visions, dreams and desires — so you honor, love and live them — and are able to fulfill your unique purpose in the world}

I will help you amplify your impact.

I will bring love and light.

What is your mission statement?

To heal the world through art [more]


What is your purpose in life? Why do you think you were put here on earth? What were you born to do?

To create art and share it.

To tell stories  — I’m a communicator

To create connections through stories 

To heal.

What are your ethics about your career?

Total win.

What are your ethics about your relationships? (romantic, work, friends, etc..)

Always come from love. Be love. 

Be authentic.  Be true.

Choose wisely.

What’s your area of expertise?

Art — Visual art, Communication Arts 

What are you known for now?

            Depending upon who: {1/7/20 — is this true? Or am I known for this ALL THE TIME?}

Intuitive artist



{health and transformation coach}

I create beautiful art that inspires, uplifts and enlivens the human soul/humanity. 

I ask powerful questions that evoke powerful clarity

What could you teach?


Brand — essence, integrity 

(ensuring the consistency of your message as your movement grows, beyond you)

“Morning Paintings” process — Connecting to your inner wisdom, becoming an intuitive artist

Creative self expression


What could you Influence?

I could influence…

The heart and soul of people, their organization, and the causes they seek to impact 

The communication effectiveness of  {mission-driven} {cause-based} enterprises —

Arts [necessarily seeks to heal and uplift humanity, raise awareness, prompt action around particular causes (interest areas):


Wellbeing /Self-expression

{Linda: investigate}

Who is the most influential person I know that I could influence / what are they are responsible for?

Marcus Bell — creating a global movement 

What do you know that others don’t in your industry?

“Industry” = Communication Arts {?}

What I know…

OPening to be the channel that we are … to receive the messages/inspiration … and to share from our heart is the most powerful and impactful way that we can be and express. 

Our impact is more about who we are being than what we are saying. And there is another language (art) that speaks without words. 

Art is a way of making sense of the world. It’s a gateway, a channel, a portal to new awareness and understanding. 

What problem are you solving for people?

Not having energy, clarity and focus — and/or Inability to articulate what someone is up to, why that matters, the value of it, the difference that makes; unable to communicate the vision they see in a way that others can connect to, enroll in, participate and support. Working with me allows them to connect it on all levels, bringing them into alignment and harmonizing them, and to communicate it in a powerful, clear, engaging way. When this happens, people align, culture is created, and missions become movements.

Accessing Vision and mission — the seed of all creation

Then SPEAKING IT…to create it

Research has shown art affects the fundamental sense of self. 

Put in your mind someone you don’t like, that you think has done wrong, or you’ve seen them do something that you hate. What do you dislike about them?

Disregard for the sanctity of Life, putting self-interest before the interest of the greater good, destroying earth and its precious resources, harming people, stacking the deck in their favor

What’s your business about?


Health, wellness, 





Connecting vision with mission and movement


Creating clarity


Passion & purpose

            Inspiring visions and movements

Positive impacts on the health of people and planet 

What are the core values of your business?

            [LR add from WHY] 







What does your brand stand for?

True connection. 


Wholehearted self-expression.

Purposeful, passionate, powerful being.

Living purposefully.

Is there any reason to believe something different than your current beliefs?

Absolutely and Always 

{add more here} 


What are the practices, rituals, and habits you exhibit on a regular basis?

Sleep 7-8 hours

Prepare and enjoy healthy and whole meals  — Morning smoothie, cook soup/stew for week

Paint – for self as spiritual/meditative practice of connecting to insights and inspiration

Paint –  for others as service to support them in connecting to deep insights about themselves

Hike in nature

Show up for daily Wealth and Impact check-in, workgroup 

Reach out, cheer, support others

Post on my personal (business) facebook page

Have meaningful conversations with other change leaders

I now read a chapter a day from a book of inquiry

I time block, honoring the rhythms of my body and flow — allowing time to attend to creative self expression, physically wellbeing, and vocational/avocational wellbeing 


Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with, what do they do, and what’s the nature of your relationship with them?

Michael – computer system engineer; best friend, mentor, playmate, trusted advisor

Renee Beth — intergenerational change leader; friend, business partner colleague, collaborative movement maer 

Devora — creator, friend, cohort thinking partner, playmate, collaborative movement maker 

Eric — language learning system inventor/innovator; cohort thinking partner

Myself  — artist change leader; I am her, I love her

Noah — movement change leader; 

What do you get overwhelmed by?

Too much — information, stimuli, talk, complication, detail  — especially all at once

Too many things to do — and being unsure how to begin 

Not seeing how things fit together, marry up to a larger purpose/unifying cause

Trying to “make sense” of things that are complicated/where I cannot see connections

Clutter in my visual field / lack of “white space” (margin)

            “Not knowing” 

Feeling I need to “get it right”

The feeling that I am “behind” or “not enough”

Things I feel I cannot impact (seem too big, too entrenched, or too foreign)

How do you deal with that overwhelm?

Sometimes by diving in

Sometimes by ignoring, avoiding

Sometimes by getting up and moving — getting the energy moving physically 

Sometimes by NOT thinking — and going to the canvas to paint,  for answers

Sometimes by giving myself a set amount of time to focus on one thing at a time, then get up and move — and return

Giving myself breaks 

Breaking it down into smaller chunks

Working with it visually

Becoming present to the overwhelm


Cleaning up my space

Doing some form of self care

Asking someone for support (more and more 🙂

Who do you like to be around?

Smart, funny, creative and quick, authentic change leaders, social entrepreneurs, movement makers and artists on a mission, on the move to improve themselves, their communities, and the planet — and they are successful doing it!

What excites you?

Playing and painting

Farming, connection to the earth, soil, 

The experience of being in nature 

Preparing and enjoying the nourishment of vegetables and whole foods


Helping clients get to the heart of the matter — of who they REALLY are and what they STAND for — and them “getting” who they are, loving themselves, 

What repels you?

Toxicity  — toxic practices, speech, negativity, blaming; plastic, chemicals

Junk / clutter

Inequities, greed, disregard for human life ; special interests ruling over decency and what’s good for all and the planet

People/animals/the earth being exploited, abused, or not being treated well

Farmlands being swallowed up by developers

Lack of awareness (or ignorance) about how decisions/actions impact others, the earth 


Fast food

Overanalyzing , overthinking, too much information

What things, people, or ideas do you absolutely love?

#1 playing and painting


Art — creating it, viewing it, participating with others in it, being creative, letting paint fly, colors, The arts, 

Food & Farming — Being part of the process of growing vegetables, hands in the dirt, feet on the farm, planting, nurturing, harvesting, sharing, creating community around it, preparing it

Nature — the beautiful ecosystem we live in. Especially beautiful places such as national parks 



Dearest friends Michael, Richard, Tatjana, 

Marcus Bell

Colleagues and new dear friends Barbara Ann Michaels, Devora Yellen-Fish Gene Seidman

“Celebrities”: Barack Obama



Wealth and Impact

Organic, Regenerative farming, biodiversity


I am enough / There is enough

Preserving land and natural spaces

That my art can heal the earth

Creating a ripple of love


What are your strengths? 

(what I love to do and do well, get energy from)


Strategic and expansive thinking

Collaborating with others on a common cause, leveraging our native gifts

Natural curiosity for — and  desire to — get to the heart of the matter

Questions that evoke deep clarity



Holding space



Seeing connections between things at a deeper level (beyond the words)

Strengths Finder: Strategic, positivity, maximizer (strong → superb), ideation, futuristic — inspired by the future and what could be; energizing others with their visions of the future

What are your weaknesses?

Sometimes lacking focus, being compulsively helpful, being hard on myself

Processing lots of details, technical information 

What are your biggest successes?

Helping 2,000+ people from all walks of life — and, in particular, entrepreneurs — connect to their TRUE WHY so they can live a life of passion, purpose, fulfillment, prosperity,  impact

Becoming clear on what I needed and wanted — and having a dream job opportunity that matched that energy literally drop into my lap, without me having to go pound the payment, knock on doors, make calls, and all the things traditionally we are taught to “do” to “make it happen” — making more money than ever, honoring my rhythms/work style/energy and self … while making a contribution representative of my envisioned impact (Using my marketing and communication skills to improve the health of people and the planet).

What are your biggest failures?

Continuing to get burnt out working at jobs that were toxic and sucked my soul, while simultaneously not recognizing my role/responsibility in that. (“the only common denominator is ME”). Believing “I can make it work” (working harder, doubling down like I thought I “should” — but not knowing that I had a choice, that I had agency to make changes that worked not only financially but that were in alignment with my soul’s purpose.

What relaxes you?

Painting, walking in nature

Talking with a dear friend

Preparing fresh, organic, whole food lovingly 

Letting my attention “range out’ (unfocus)

What stresses you out?

Too much information all at once

Not being able to see how things marry up to a “big picture” 

What is of value to you?

People, planet, connection, art, creativity, self-expression, feedback from smart/thoughtful/fun, purposeful, positive impact 

What have you mastered?

Connecting people to their WHY — what drives them that is at the heart of all that they do

Creating clarity

Communication consulting


Painting for fun and purpose

Cultural Branding Questions

A few thoughts on what this means:

Where I stand in the cultural context…

As we become visible, these may be platforms to take a stand

Choose a few so that if you are to speak to it, you are knowledgeable.

These stands — how are they reflected in my business?

Are we walking the talk of our stand.

Where is the alignment, the integrity?

How are you going to make history?

Linda’s works with individuals has  transformed their impact in the world by making the connections clearer between what their world would be and what they are actioning in the world

Empowerment through art

Collaborative community art. 

Through art installations and the “dissemination”/access points to my work,  very person who entered everybody gets to experience the vision and transformational power. They get to TRULY connect with themselves and one another.

{greater thought;depth and finesse needed here}

What do you stand for on political issues?

Equity, equality, inclusion, that everyone has the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of justice — honoring the individual — and being mindful and recognizing our collective impact on the environment and its inhabitants. It’s all of our responsibilities.

What do you stand for on environmental issues?

I only work with plant-based paints, upcycled, recycled materials

Fragile planet respect for life economic systems that align – 

Regulate supply side not just demand

What do you stand for on women’s rights?

I stand for pro choice and reproductive, equal rights; being an ally to their empowerment

Women sharing their true empowered leadership with the world!

What do you stand for on various social justice issues?

To be further developed

Def.: Social Justice = justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society;

Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. 

I believe in an equitable distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges in society.  I believe that as human beings, we all have a right to live our fullest potential and have access to the resources to make that possible — regardless of race, religion, sexual identity, gender, social status, education.

How could you become a status symbol?

I could become a status symbol by really taking a stand for my art this is God’s gift to the world and I could become a status symbol by the recognition of my art and the love message it is sending to the world 

Creating my movement

Developing The Linda Rasch Method.

Devora says “There is status in owning an original Rasch piece of art — oh my gosh, it’s a Rasch original!”

How can you create a social network around you and your brand?


The overarching vision that glues the tasks — the service that serves my social networks

Burnt out activists that need to regenerate

What’s most resonant for you? 


Performance optimization

[landmark, insight people]

Maintain a solid vision

Visionary leaders who have a successful business and want to scale

Lead by heart

Process to get in touch to lead by heart?

Message: why it is so crucial right now.? 

Change makers

Leaders on a mission

Have traction


Settle on what it is…

The longer conversation will come out 

Abstract concepts tax the other person 

Help me understand it


Eg inner art guide (something to hook on to)

What are some current cultural, political, social issues or stories you could potentially piggyback with your brand or your offer?

To be identified!

How will you or your offer transform culture and society?

Art to heal the earth

Radiating love

What are your customers and potential customers really dealing with in their day to day lives? 

Some have lost connection to themselves, their true purpose. — and need to reconnect

Others are connected and have a big vision but are unable lto communicate it. This is PAINFUL. As visionaries 

What are those real struggles? 

What is really on their minds and inhabit their concerns? 

How can you communicate to them as an activist for their concerns even if it has nothing to do directly with your offering? 

How can you demonstrate an empathetic understanding of their desires and anxieties?


What cultural myth do you fit in?

{if I understand this correctly, I fit in/address the myth of  “people don’t ‘get’ me” — more to understand here! Ask the community for support}

What is your archetype that will appeal to your customer or fanbase?




Enthusiast (adventurous)



Sacred Money Archetypes (top 4): Maverick / Alchemist / Nurturer / Connector

What is the ideology you will bring forth for pop culture?

{I need to understand pop culture more in order to contextualize the “ideology” — more to understand and explore here. Ask the community}

What conversation are you starting in the world? 

Let’s connect to the heart of the matter:

“Who are you, what do you stand for, why… and what does that make possible in the world?”.. Why do you care? Why should anyone care? What difference does that make? 

Who are you looking to respond to your conversations you are creating in the world?

Visionary change leaders who are up to something big — on a mission, on the cusp of creating movements. They are being the change they wish to see in the world.

{there may be — and are likely — others}

What are the subcultures you and your offerings appeal to?

Health and wellness


{Am I understanding this correctly? Explore further with others…}

How can you, as an influencer, be a brand movement or develop a cult-like following?

By being the change. By connecting to and honoring my truth, connecting to my mission and MY BIG BOLD VISION — and bringing it to the world through whole-hearted, authentic creativity and self-expression.

How will you do something socially good for humanity?

Through every action I take I will strive to keep my sites on how does this serve as a force for good, take a stand for humanity.

How can your offer create something that enhances humanity?

My sense is that by honoring what my art wants to be in the world (“Art to Heal the Earth” is what it told me), I will naturally impact and enhance humanity. {more to explore here, as this is emergent… but I trust what I have been told and now I get to go deeper into creating humanity-enhancing offerings! XO}

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