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The Speakers Success Secrets Summit. 
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Rise above The Rest:
Top 5 secrets to create compelling slides that engage

What's Included

1 - Learn how to start your presentation

Start with a blank slide template

Learn to style the template

Learn about selecting fonts and colors

Add your logo

Add some old slides to your new template

2 - Learn the proven way to convey your text

See examples of slides using “bullets” in a creative way

See how to create these slides with custom “bullets”

3 - Learn how to increase audience memory

How to find royalty free images

How to search from within PPT for great images

How to find free or low cost images

Use real people images

Find photos with “white space” for placing text

Where to place text on photos

4 - Show Statistics to Illustrate Your Point

How to use elements to build a statistics slides

A link to organizing your most used tools in PowerPoint

We also explore charts linked to an Excel file and how to make the shape look the way you want

5 - Learn the one tool that will create Super Engagement

What is the best way to play a video from Powerpoint

Don’t use a Youtube link to view a video and why

How to have your video play automatically

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