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Led by Brigette Callahan

What are the Benefits


You will shorten your slide creation time by 90%

When you use a well-designed master template deck you will create slides where everything will line up and look impeccable.


Your slides will be well-laid out and  branded consistently

When your brand shines throughout your deck you will gain more trust and respect and you will have your "shuff" together!


Finally, look forward to having fun creating your slides!

We all like being creative. And having a well curated set of master slides finally makes slide making FUN! 

This is a valuable 3 hours that you're not going to get on YouTube

My Recorded Workshop

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SEE WHAT SOME OF OUR participants

This was my first time seeing Brigette Callahan perform her magic, and her design expertise and tech savvy are amazing! She doesn't just tease, she shares valuable tips her audience can implement immediately.
Thanks, Brigette!

Mary Jo Rennert Gremling

Divorce Recovery Coach

Brigette is brilliant! Her design sense is excellent and she is able to communicate to those of us who want to DIY. I worked with her one-on-one for a few minutes, and was able to improve my slides dramatically. They are now more visually interesting and tell the story in a compelling way. 

R. Makana Risser Chai, Esq.

Virtual and live training for employers to create respectful workspaces

In regards to Look Over My Shoulder as I Fix Your Slides office hours. Those that have not met Brigette are in for a treat! When you sit in today, bring your popcorn 🍿 and just sit back!! Love that you’re offering this Brigette!

Betsy Aguilar

Helps entrepreneurs, coaches and startup companies bring ideas to life

Learn what the slide design pros do and why!

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The ultimate tools you're going to walk away with:

  • How to design the overall background of your slides - Parent Master
    • Picking colors
    • Adding gradients
    • Adding a cool background using a photo or graphic
  • Adding your logo
    • Changing the color of your logo, if needed
    • Sizing your logo
    • Understanding where to put the logo and when it should be hidden
  • Creating the different types of master slides
    • How to identify what types of masters you will need based on your slides
    • Having graphic shapes and elements ready to use
    • How to create a shape box for photos

    • How to import your slides into the new master slides
    • How to re-brand with ease
    • Creating a custom set of master shapes and colors for cloning
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