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Create Compelling Slides That Convert 230518

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Powerpoint Template MASTERCLASS Recordings


What you will come away with is a finished branded PowerPoint template that you can use over and over again for creating your talks, developing your trainings, and even produce videos.

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How to import a bunch of photos into PowerPoint on Mac

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Slide Design Fixes

Ever wondered how to fix something in your slides. Check out some of these short video trainings on how to fix your slides.

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Basic Look over my shoulder as I help you with your slides

If you have design questions, like what are good color combinations, what fonts should I use or how do I find good pictures I can help you. If you have PowerPoint questions I can answer those as well. Bring your slide design challenges, or questions to make your slides more compelling and engaging.

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Rise Above The Rest Mini-Course

This is a mini-course containing 5 lessons that cover how to customize or brand your own slide template, how to design slides without those boring bullets, how to find compelling Photos to increase audience memory, a creative way to show statistics to illustrate your point, and how to add a video for super engagement.

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5 Days To Stage Bootcamp

In this bootcamp you will complete your Presentation slides for a live talk or a webinar.

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