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Course Description

In this bootcamp you will complete your Presentation slides for a live talk or a webinar. We will work through all the challenges you experience and the many decisions that seem to pop up in the process of working on your slides. I will show you how to stay focused with a step-by-step process and a set of tools and techniques that you can use over and over again. What you will learn in these 5 days is: 

Session 1

  1. How to start your slide designs with a simple template that you create myself
  2. What fonts do I use?
  3. What colors do I use?

Session 2

  1. How to find great visuals to insert into you slides
  2. Stock photos vs found images
  3. Using my own photos

Session 3

  1. How to create simple charts or graphs for impact and emphasis
  2. Pie chart
  3. Bar or line chart
  4. When to use a table

Session 4

  1. When to use animations tastefully to emphasize a point
  2. Best transitions to use from slide to slide
  3. Animations in slides for awesome reveals

Session 5 ng it all together

  1. Finalize your slides for presenting. Discuss the different types of presentation environments and how to prep your slides for that environment
  2. Ballroom with rear projection
  3. Using confidence monitors
  4. Webinars
  5. Using notes while giving a webinar
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