“We picture a world where all slide shows are like a Hollywood movie.”

With 30+ years experience in the presentation industry, Brigette Callahan has worked with many high-end clients and companies to perfect their visual presence. Come peek over her shoulder and learn how you can do the same.

— Brigette Callahan

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Brigette Callahan is nothing short of a presentation Genius! I had created my own slide decks – they were pretty good, well, until I showed them to Brigette. Within a few days she took me from a B- to an A+. The impact my new slide deck had on my upcoming webinar was nothing short of meteoric! My messaging was so clear, I had no technical issues whatsoever! My video’s played on point, my transitions and graphics were so cool and best of all my conversion sky rocketed! Suffice it to say – I’m a very happy believer and beneficiary of working with Brigette and her team.
Jonathan Christian
We Make Stuff Happen
Brigette Callahan is a visionary at helping professionals present their best thoughts and ideas in the most appealing manner when using visual media (slides). People say, “less is more,” but Brigette literally creates more with less by leveraging elegance and style when designing slides and so much more! She helps you deliver! Her image selection, animation and pallettes make your presentation – -your show! If you want brilliant presentations that match your brilliant thoughts then you need the brilliance that is Brigette Callahan. I look forward to our next project!​
Augie Byllott
Creating Wealth USA
Brigette is a rock star at creating powerpoint slides. She completely transformed my understanding of a well-designed powerpoint in 30 minutes. After presenting at a national conference, 3 attendees approached me to tell me the research, the slides and my speaking had completely re-set the bar for this conference. Wow! Thank you for your support, Brigette.
Dr. Judith Boice
I will definitely be working with Brigette again. She and her team turned my outline into a beautiful and professional presentation, which allowed me to focus on practicing my talk. As a result, I felt completely relaxed, and really connected with the audience. I have lots of follow-up opportunities! Thanks for being so easy to work with and meeting my tight deadline!!
Cheryl Thompson
Founder of the Center for Automotive Diversity Inclusion & Advancement (CADIA)
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